The following documents are needed in order to short sale your home. 2ShortSaleGuys can not market your home until the documents are submitted as we customarily get offers quickly on our properties. We don’t want to delay your opportunity to get approved for a short sale or potentially jeopardize a buyer walking away because we didn’t turn in documents that the mortgage lender needed to process the short sale request.


  • - Lender Required Forms (Your Lender will send to us)

  • - Hardship Letter, Signed and Dated (let us know if you need help writing this and we can provide an outline to help you)

  • - Hardship Documentation, such as Final Divorce Decree, including Settlement Agreement, Bankruptcy Documents, Doctor’s summary of major health problems, etc.

  • - HOA Contact Information (If Applicable) – Need Subdivision name, Management Company / Contact Name, Phone #, and email address

  • - Most Recent 60 consecutive days of Pay Stubs, Profit and Loss Statements (if Self Employed) and/or Acceptance Letters for any other income (Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, Food Stamps, etc.)

  • - Most Recent 60 consecutive days of Bank Statements for ALL of your accounts, ALL PAGES, EVEN IF BLANK – Account Activity will not be accepted. Please provide copies of actual bank statements that reflect your name, address, bank name, account #, and statement dates.

  • - Most recent monthly Mortgage Statement for each mortgage

  • - Two Years of Tax Returns including all schedules and W-2′s (if you have not filed taxes for the most current year, please provide a copy of any W-2 or 1099 that you received for that year, as well as an extension if it is past the filing deadline)

  • - Clear copy of all Sellers’ Driver’s License

  • - Any default or foreclosure documents / letters from lender or lender’s attorney

  • - Utility Bill dated within 30 days (to show that the utilities are still turned on)

Complete and return the following forms that are included in our Short Sale package:

  • - Seller Acknowledgement, signed & dated

  • - Seller Contact Information Sheet, completed

  • - Important Information Sheet, completed

  • - Borrower’s Authorization to Release Information, completed and signed

  • - MARS Disclosure, signed & dated

  • - Loan Modification Opt-Out, signed & dated

  • - Financial Worksheet, Completed, signed & dated

  • - Occupancy Letter, Completed, signed & dated

  • - IRS 4506T-EZ – Name needs to match tax return, leave #5 blank, sign & date